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Topic       : Chips 'n Chips
Author      : Michael Ruge
Version     : chips_x.hyp (01/05/2001)
Subject     : Dokumentation/Hardware
Nodes       : 1505
Index Size  : 35662
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
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@options    : -i -s +zz -t4
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   Der Lebenslauf von Atari
   1972  Atari Inc. founded by Nolan Bushnell from a $250 investment.
         Pong arcade game becomes a smash sensation.
   1974  It's time for the mighty VCS 2600 Video Console System.
   1976  Atari Inc. sold by Bushnell to Warner Inc. for $28 million.

   1978  Atari releases their first 8 Bit Computers 400 and 800.

   1980  Atari Inc. posts record sales. $2 billion profits annually.
         Atari occupies 80 offices in Sunnyvale, CA.
         Golden days of the VCS 2600, the most popular video games 

   1982  Atari releases the 1200XL and the VCS 5200.

   1983  Atari releases the new 8 Bit Home Series: the 600XL and 800XL
         Decline of video games and irresponsible spending by Atari 
         Inc. results in record losses ($536 million, up to $2 million

   1984  Warner divides Atari Inc. Home division (Atari Corp.) is sold
         to Jack Tramiel, Commodore founder. Arcade division (Atari 
         Games/Tengen) becomes its own company. The VCS 7800 is ready 
         but not released.

   1985  Atari Corp. releases the first Atari ST Home Computer, the 
         520ST. The 16Bit Home Computer era begins (MC68000 CPU).
         The 800/65 XE and the 130XE, last 8 Bit series, are released.

   1986  The 1040ST is ready. The first Computer with 1MB for less 
         than 1000$.
   1987  The Mega ST is released. Version with 2/4MB. Ideal for DTP 
         Use. VCS 7800 is released.

   1988  The ATW800, Ataris Transputer Workstation is around.
         The Mega ST1 is released.
   1989  The Atari 1040STE, a better version of the 1040 is released.
         The Atari TT, Ataris first real 32Bit Computer is released.
         The Atari Portfolio, the FIRST MSDOS PALMTOP is released.
         The Atari Lynx, the world's FIRST COLOR hand-held video game
         system and the Atari Stacy (ST compatible Laptop) released.

   1991  Atari releases the Mega STE and the ST Book.
   1992  Atari releases the Falcon, a real multimedia computer with 
         DSP Chip.

   1993  Atari Games bought by Time-Warner, became Time-Warner Inter-
         active. Atari Corp. releases Atari Jaguar, the world's FIRST
         64-BIT home video game system.

   1996  Time-Warner Interactive (Atari Games) sold to WMS. 
         Atari Corp. announces reverse merger with JTS Corporation.
         Atari Corp. and JTS consumate deal on July 31 1996.
         The Company is now known as JTS Corporation.