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Topic       : Chips 'n Chips
Author      : Michael Ruge
Version     : chips_x.hyp (01/05/2001)
Subject     : Dokumentation/Hardware
Nodes       : 1505
Index Size  : 35662
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : 
@default    : 
@help       : 
@options    : -i -s +zz -t4
@width      : 75
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   In the Hades we kicked this out because of old Atari standard. We 
   use also PC-keyboards because of the less expensive price and the 
   more easy possibility to get them.

   Technical data of Hades
   The interfaces are directly implemented onto the board, you don't 
   need any extra cards for these ones.
   4x PCI-bus, 2x ISA-bus, 1x VME Bus
   1x EIDE (endhanced IDE) with max. 10MB/s for 2 devices
   1x SCSI with max. 4MB/s for 1-7 devices (TT compatible)
   1x Floppy (DD/HD/ED) d.h. max 2.88MB

   Modem 1 (25pol. Dsub-connection) with max. 19'200 BpS
   Modem 2 (9pol. Dsub-connection) with max. 230'000 BpS
   Local talk (8pol. MiniDin) with max. 230'000 BpS
   Printer 25pol. Dsub (TT/Falcon-compatible)
   PC keyboard connection (standard)
   mouse and joystick (Atari compatible)

   Die Anschrift von Medusa Computer Systems

   Medusa Computer Systems
   Buchhaldenstr. 16
   CH-8610 USTER
   Tel / Fax ++41 (0)1 940 92 54
   e-mail: medusa@logon.ch

   Die Händleradressen

   MW Electronic
   Heisterbacher Straße 96
   D-53639 Königswinter
   Telefon: 02223/1567
   Telefax: 02223/26982
   eMail: Karl-Heinz Wirner @ BN.MAUS.DE

   ag Computertechnik
   Axel Gehringer
   Schützenstraße 10
   87700 Memmingen
   Tel.: 08331/86373
   Fax.: 08331/86346
   D1    0717/8232017
   eMail: Axel Geringer @ KL.MAUS.DE

     Kapitel Der Hades - ein TOS kompatibler Computer, Seite 2