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Topic       : Chips 'n Chips
Author      : Michael Ruge
Version     : chips_x.hyp (01/05/2001)
Subject     : Dokumentation/Hardware
Nodes       : 1505
Index Size  : 35662
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
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@options    : -i -s +zz -t4
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   Der LMC1992 PCM Soundchip
Digitally-Controlled Stereo Tone and Volume Circuits General Description The LMC1992 is a monolithic integrated circuit that provides four stereo inputs, bass and treble tone controls, and volume, balance, and front-rear fader controls. These functions are digitally con- trolled through a three-wire communication interface. All of the LMC1992s functions are achieved with only three external capacitors per channel. It is designed for line level input signals (300 mV - 2V) and has a maximum gain of 0 dB. The internal design is optimized for external capacitors having values of 0.1 uF or less. This allows the use of chip capacitors for coupling and tone control functions. Low noise and distortion result from using analog switches and thin-film silicon-chromium resistor networks in the signal path. Volume and fader are at minimum and tone controls are flat when supply voltage is first applied. Additional tone control can be achieved using the LMC835 stereo 7-band graphic equalizer connected to the LMC1992's select-out/ select-in external processor loop. Features Low noise and distortion Four stereo inputs 40 volume levels including mute 20 fader levels All attenuators have a 2 dB of attenuation per step Front/back fade control External processor loop Only three external components per channel Serial programmable: standard MICROWIRE interface Single supply operation: 6V to 12V supply voltage Protection address (similar to DS8906) DC-coupled inputs Single supply operation Kapitel Der LMC1992 PCM Soundchip, Seite 1