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Topic       : Chips 'n Chips
Author      : Michael Ruge
Version     : chips_x.hyp (01/05/2001)
Subject     : Dokumentation/Hardware
Nodes       : 1505
Index Size  : 35662
HCP-Version : 3
Compiled on : Atari
@charset    : atarist
@lang       : 
@default    : 
@help       : 
@options    : -i -s +zz -t4
@width      : 75
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   Here is John Townsend's famous TOS error list.


   The GEM function which displays "TOS Error #..." does not display
   in the alert box the actual error value returned by GEMDOS or BIOS.
   Those return values are negative numbers (e.g. GEMDOS error -66 is
   "Invalid program load format"). Negative GEMDOS error returns are
   translated nach MS-DOS error numbers for the form_error() alert box
   you see. BIOS errors result in a "Critical Error" alert, which gi-
   ves you a chance to retry the disk access that caused the error.

   For those of you with a furniture fetish, here's a table:

                             GEMDOS  MS-DOS
   Error description         error   error   Alert text (TOS 1.4 or >)
   ------------------------- ------  ------  -------------------------
   Invalid function #         -32      1     TOS Error #1.

   File not found             -33      2     This application cannot
   Path not found             -34      3     find the folder or file
   No more files              -49     18     you just tried to access.

   Too many open files        -35      4     This application does not
                                             have room to open another
                                             document. To make room,
                                             close any document that
                                             you do not need.

   Access denied              -36      5     An item with this name
                                             already exists in the
                                             directory, or this item
                                             is set to Read Only status

   Invalid handle             -37      6     TOS Error #6.

   Insufficient memory        -39      8     There is not enough memory
   Invalid memory block addr. -40      9     in your computer for the
                                             application you just tried
                                             to run.

   Invalid drive              -46     15     The drive you specified
                                             does not exist.

   Not same drive (on rename) -48     17     TOS Error #17.
   Seek out of range          -64     n/a    TOS Error #33.
   Internal error             -65     n/a    TOS Error #34.
   Invalid prg load format    -66     n/a    (infamous) TOS Error #35.
   Setblock failed            -67     n/a    TOS Error #36.

   Note that some MS-DOS error codes do not have equivalent GEMDOS er-
   rors, and some GEMDOS error codes do not exist in MS-DOS.

     Kapitel Die Fehlermeldungen des TOS Betriebssystem, Seite 1