Files in this directory use a certain convention:

<project>-<version>-<target>-<date>.tar.xz           Archive with patches used to build the package
<project>-<version>-<target>-<date>-bin-<os>.tar.xz  Archive with binaries
<project>-<version>-<date>                  Shell-script used to build the package
<project>-<version>-<target>-<date>-doc.tar.xz       Documentation for the binaries

Where <project> is the name of the package (gcc, binutils etc.)
      <version> is the upstream version of that package
      <target>  is the toolchain name (mint or mintelf)
      <date>    is the build date, formatted as YYYYMMDD
      <os>      is the target os (linux, mingw, cygwin etc.)

The documentation archive is usually not needed in a cross-development environment,
if your distro already has the same package installed for the host.

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